Jabalpur Institute of Health Sciences
(College of Nursing)


    Jabalpur Institute of Health Sciences was established under pioneer organization “Global Foundation for Medical Education & Research” was established in the year 2004 by renowned businessman and social worker Shri. Bhagwan Das Bhai Dhirawani, supported by their well known sons Dr. Rajesh B. Dhirawani, Shri Prakash B. Dhirawani & Shri Dinesh B Dhirawani, who showed their spirit of social work and dedication in Jabalpur Hospital & Research Centre  Jabalpur, the Dhirawani’s had a vision of future and could foresee the need of quality education in upcoming city of central India Jabalpur, from this city the youth were going out to seek better quality education in other parts of India this very fact forced them to set an educational institute. 

    Well known President awards winner Dr. Rajesh B Dhirawani took a lead on medical front where as Shri. Prakash Dhirawani managed on administrative front under the guidance of Shri Bhagwan Das Bhai Dhirawani which took Jabalpur Institute of Health Sciences to new heights and has set an example in central India.

    From the session 2003-2004 society started G.N.M and B.Sc.nursing courses.

    The philosophy strongly believed that the development of the country depend on the professionally educated women is a backbone of social evolution we believed that modern nursing is a dynamic therapeutic and educative process in meeting the healthy requirement of the individual the family and the community. We are committed to train and educated nursing student so that they can develop their competence and feel proud to be a significant part of health care system.

如果选择不适当的外科手术,术后疼痛和不适是常见的。 假体乳房的疼痛持续一周丰胸效果,手术后几天您可能会感到疲倦和疼痛。 您也可能在乳头中感受到大约两周的灼热感丰胸食物,但随着瘀伤消退,感觉逐渐减弱。隆胸的一般过程是将乳房假体插入脱落的腔内,其中疼痛的原因是明显的产后丰胸导师,包括脱皮损伤,皮肤大量扩张,假体压迫,胸肌残端收缩,肋间神经牵引丰胸产品粉嫩公主酒酿蛋。